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4th Annual Amazing 8 Luncheon


will be on April 29, 2014 at the 


downtown Hilton at 11:30 a.m.


We will be honoring the following


amazing individuals: 


Ms. Linda Gorton  

Ms. Linda Harvey  

Mr. Jim Jacobus  

Mr. Everett McCorvey  

Mr. Matthew Mitchell  

Ms. Jennifer Mynear

Mr. Ron Turner

Mr. Woodford Webb


If you would like to come and join us please give

us a call at (859) 381-9998 or email us at 




Great News the Dining Hall is going up as we speak!!!!


 11th Annual Camp Out 

Accolades to Molly and Barney Hunter for another outstanding event. The 11th annual Camp Out was a huge success. As always we are very grateful for the many donations for our live and silent auctions and the numerous monetary gifts.

 Also we are very appreciative for the continuous support from our sponsors:

Erica & Travis Musgrave, Molly & Barney Hunter, Jackson Kelly, King & Schickli, Hospice of the Bluegrass, Lexington

Clinic, Al Grasch (Grasch Law, PSC), Farmers National Bank, Kentucky One Health, CMW, Central Bank, Traditional Bank.

A big thank you to James and Sherry Jones for allowing us to honor their devotion to the building of the camp. Also to a wonderful young lady,  Alex Simpson we thank you for sharing your personal journey in fighting cancer and being a special member of our Camp Family.

The funds raised from this event supports our operating budget.




Our 2013 Happy Campers



**Camp Horsin' Around is now accepting**

applications for the 2014 session.


For further information please contact our

Camp Director Ms. Beverly Lee by email at

cha0001@att.net or missy@camphorsinaround.org.

Or you can call (859) 332-0001 or (895) 381-9998.





3rd Annual Amazing 8


Our 2013 Honorees are:

Happy Broadbent

Gretchen Brown

Dr. John Cronin

Van Florence

Dr. Andy Moore

Nick Nicholson

Dr. Jackie Noonan

Isabel Yates


Camp Horsin' Around is grateful to our many donors that have helped us achieve our progress to date. We still have to construct the dining hall/multipurpose building and
2 more cabins to finish the first phase.  We are working diligently towards that end. If you can help with a
donation we would be most appreciative.
This is what the dining hall will look like when completed.





Parker Klingerman #7 Toyota of the Red Horse Racing Team of NASCAR Camping World Truck Series is now driving a car and will be driving in the Daytona 500 and other races this coming year.

Thanks to the Cunninghams Camp Horsin' Around is now part of the world of NASCAR. Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham are special friends of the driver Parker Klingerman and to Camp Horsin' Around. We are excited to be a part of this amazing world of racing.

Please click on the link below to watch the video of

Parker Kligerman in Victory Lane.





Camp Horsin' Around thanks Centre College Students

for once again helping clean up the camp!!



Camp Horsin' Around was the site for the "Can Do" campers in June. As one can see from the pictures below the campers had a great time!! They were the first campers to use the new swimming pool and from the happy faces we can only assume they

were pleased!!!




The camp has a new sign welcoming campers.

The new administration/residence building.

Thanks to a committed donor we have sidewalks

making all areas accessible.

Finished pool which is handicap accessible.

The geese gathered at our pond in the fall.  


A great big thank you to Saul Good Restaurant & Pub for having the Pizza cookoff for charity, the winner received $1,000 for the charity of their choice and the winning pizza featured on the menu!! Congratulations to the winner and thank you to Niccole van Rouwendaal-Trawick/Martin for choosing Camp Horsin' Around as your charity!!


We are most grateful....

Centre Students volunteer for Camp Horsin' Around.

Thanks to our Timberland Friends.
During the week of June 13-17 the Timberland Company of
Danville allowed a group of their employees to come to Camp
Horsin' Around and work for the camp for the week. The
policy of the company asks each employee to spend 40
hours a yearwith a non-profit organization as a community involvement donation from the Timberland Company. The employees are paid their usual salaries while they help the organizations selected.This was a very generous gift the company made to us as we were able to get much of the spring cleanup inside and out done for the summer camp sessions. The hours donated for the week total nearly
200. We are most grateful to them and to the employees
who came to the camp. Thank you!


Camp Horsin' Around is grateful to our many donors that have helped us achieve our progress to date. We still have to construct the dining hall/multipurpose building and

2 more cabins to finish the first phase.  We are working diligently towards that end. If you can help with a

donation we would be most appreciative.


The good news is that the pond dug last fall is

full and ready for camp activities.

Wildlife & Game stocked the pond in the fall of 2011.



From time to time we need help in manual labor around the camp site.We have an abundance of large rocks which need to be

cleared from certain areas and some landscaping help.

If this interests you or a group to which you belong please

let us know.

The fragile health of our campers is no barrier to a good time.They enjoy the moment and hope for the future. Of all the gifts bestowed this year the

journey with our kids as they experienced a camping adventure was both heartwarming and rewarding! Your generosity and compassion have allowed children

from Kentucky to have an exciting and fun-filled camping experience.


Accomplishments Around the Camp

The Camp had a joyous experience this past summer.  We were able to have our first overnight campers.  These campers were teenagers dealing with cancer.  They were a great group of young people who look at life with the glass half full and live each day fully. They want all of the good times "normal kids" have and all of the experiences they can manage. We heard comments such as this place is "awesome" and "I can see the world around me".  This is a testament to the value of Camp Horsin' Around.



The Dream is not Complete

The camp is well underway but not complete.  We are constructing the dining hall/multipurpose building. We still have to construct two more cabins, the lake and endow the camp.  While this is an ambitious list we are confident we can get it done!  Our camp family is large and happily it grows on a daily basis.  With so many folks caring and sharing with us that old expression "many hands make light work" is certainly true.  As we continue our journey to make this camp all it can be for so many special kids we hope that you will join our family and finish the dreamwith us.  Our goals are lofty but the rewards of helping these kids have the time of their lives with others who truly understand the true meaning of sharing to help others. It has been said, by a physician who cares for the children while they are at camp, "children come to camp to recharge their energy and their spirits for their continuing struggle with their illnesses and their future health".  How special it is to be an enabler for these children. Please join our family and help us finish the dream!

For addtional information....




 We Remember the Life and Legacy of Mr. Paul Newman

It was Mr. Paul Newman who inspired us to build Camp Horsin' Around, and whose foundation; Newman's Own, supports us financially. 

Our inspiration is best summed up in a quote from Mr. Newman "...I wanted, I think, to acknowledge luck; the chance of it, the benevolence of it in my life, and the brutality of it in the lives of others, made especially savage for children because they may not be allowed the good fortune of a lifetime to correct it."





Camp Horsin' Around
P.O. Box 22276
Lexington, KY 40522
Phone: 859-381-9998
Fax: 859-381-0811

Wish List   

  • 4 Children's helmets for climbing wall (Bicycle helmets will work)
  • 4 Adult helmets for the climbing wall
  • Trees ($100.00 each)
  • Walkie Talkies (Not play ones)
  • Archery equipment: target, bows and arrows
  • Soap in pump bottles
  • Paper towels
  • 2 Coffee Makers 
  • Official Basketballs